Shadow Phantom Soldier
Shadow Phantom Soldier
Shadow Phantom Soldiers are located throughout the continent. These soldiers have been trying to hold off the evil monsters being summoned by Kundun. Shadow Phantom Soldiers, for the last 2 years, have successfully maintained a few cities. Unfortunately, their now diminished forces are not strong enough to do it alone. They are recruiting almost anyone left on the continent to help fight off Kundun's evil. By completing their Quests, the Shadow Phantom Soldiers will guide you to become a great and knowledgable warrior; they will also grant handsome rewards!
Shadow Phantom Soldier quests
  • Starts to offer quests from level 1 for all classes.
  • Offers quests up to level 770.
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Check the quest list here: Shadow Phantom Soldier
Notes & Tips
  • Will cast a buff on lower level characters via dialogue option #1.
  • The quests are reccommended as of them have valuable rewards such as equipment items or jewels.
  • Some quests offered by this NPC are repeatable.
  • All quests must be taken within their character level restrictions.
  • Sometimes this NPC's quest tasks vary by character class.
Buff Details


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