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[Devias] map
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[Devias] is a snowy village, to the north, with an expansive wilderness to explore. Its home to the divine [Church of Devias] and the great [Mercenary Guild]. The city is well protected by members of the [Church of Devias].

[Devias] map

[Devias] is a snowfield located to the north of [Lorencia]. It is covered with perpetual snow, and the monsters are more powerful than those in [Lorencia] or [Noria]. [Devias] is home to several important people, such as [Royal Guard Captain Lorence], [Mercenary Guild Manager Tercia], and [Sebina The Priest]. One of two great castles, which were erected in the wilderness of [Devias], was pillaged by [Kundun], during his resurrection, and is now overtaken with monsters. It is the castle directly north of town which still maintains control by the [Church of Devias]. Strong travelers are known to visit the area, as [Devias] is the access point for [Raklion], a dangerous glacier.

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Monster List

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NPC List
Map Gate List
  • [Lorencia]
    • @(242, 34)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 10] to enter or [Warp].
  • [Elveland]
    • @(162, 241)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 10] to enter or [Warp].
  • [Lost Tower]
    • @(5, 246)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 40] to enter.
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 50] to [Warp].
  • [Raklion]
    • @(53, 90)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 380] to enter or [Warp].
  • [Cubera Mine]
    • @(158, 57)
    • Requires [Character Level] [Level 850] to enter or [Warp].


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