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[Event Square] Map
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[Event Square] is a unique gathering place designated for players of an entire [Realm] to meet up and participate in [Mini-games] together. The [Map] is technically its own [Server], and therefore any player which accesses this [Map] will appear with all other players regardless of which [Server] they are technically logged into. For example, players logged into [Server 6] will be able to see players logged into [Server 7] if the players are in this [Map].

[Event Square] map

NPC [Julia]
NPC [Julia]
  • Speak to NPC [Julia] to exit this [Map].

Additional Info
  • [Non-PVP] area.
  • This [Map] can only be entered via [Warp].
  • Requires [Character Level] [Level 1] to [Warp].
  • This [Map] can only be exited by speaking to NPC [Julia].
  • There are no monsters in this [Map].
  • When looking at the [Personal Store List], only the [Personal Store] of players in [Loren Market] and [Event Square] will appear.
  • All rewards earned from any [Mini-game] are stored in the [Germory Case].
  • [Warp Command] is disabled in this [Map].
  • [Channel EXP]: [100%] [EXP] during all [Mini-games].
    • ∴ [Gold Channel Server] [EXP Bonus] will not apply
  • The following [Mini-games] are accessed from this [Map]:
  • NPC [Chaos Goblin] has the same functionality as NPC [Chaos Goblin Machine].
  • NPC [Chaos Goblin] has a [+10%] [Success Rate] when crafting any [Mini-game Ticket], in this [Map].

[Mini-game] notifications
[Mini-game] notifications
  • [Mini-game] notifications appear when a [Mini-game] [Entry Period] opens!
  • Clicking the [Mini-game] notifications will teleport you to the corresponding [NPC] in the [Event Square] map.
  • [Warp] via notification icons will still cost (x20,000) [Zen].

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Monster List
  • None
[Mini-game] Monster List
  • None
[Event] Monster List
  • None
NPC List
Map Gate List
  • None


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