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  • Level 1 ~ Level 30 Hunting
Lorencia is well established city. It is well guarded by the travelers of MU, and several members of the Church of Devias protect the area. A handful of merchants have set up their shops here, offering a variety of basic items for travelers. Lorencia is a wide plain, located in the center of the MU continent. The heavy rainfall here causes tall trees and grasses to grow in abundance.

Entry Requirements
Other Info
Valuable Loot
  • Excellent Items
  • Accessory Items
  • Jewels
Lorencia map
# Hot Spots

Monster List
Event Monster List
Egg of Monsters:
NPC List
Map Gate List
  • Noria
    • @(215, 245)
    • Requires Character Level Level 10 to enter or Warp.
  • Valley of Loren
    • @(239, 13)
    • Requires Character Level Level 10 to enter.
  • Devias
    • @(7, 40)
    • Requires Character Level Level 10 to enter or Warp.
  • Dungeon
    • @(122, 231)
    • Requires Character Level Level 20 to enter.
    • Requires Character Level Level 30 to Warp.
  • Deep Dungeon
    • @(177, 30)
    • Requires Character Level Level 770 to enter or Warp.


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